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Remember to always get permission from your doctor before trying any new exercise, nutrition, or health advice from any expert including me. Everyone is different and not all advice is appropriate for every person. 

As promised in the book Cracking Your Calorie Code, the videos below demonstrate the specific protocols and splinter techniques so you can more clearly understand them and do them on your own with maximum effectiveness and the fastest possible results!


Since you have already read the book, you I won't bother explaining everything again here. Watching the videos should tie everything together and make sense of the protocols and splinters. Remember to re-read each exercise in the book for details on proper form and function!

Protocol 1: Ratchets

Ratchets Exercise 1: Lunges



Ratchets Exercise 2: Pushups



Ratchets Exercise 3: Superhero Flyes



Ratchets Exercise 4: Crunch Twists

Protocol 2: Mid Stops

Mid Stops Exercise 1: Hamstring Curls




Mid Stops Exercise 2: Wall Squats




Mid Stops Exercise 3: Chest Flyes




Mid Stops Exercise 4: Back Flyes




Mid Stops Exercise 5: Wall Curls




Mid Stops Exercise 6: Lying Tricep Extensions




Mid Stops Exercise 7: Ball Crunches


Protocol 3: Tiered Reps (Coming Soon)

Tiered Exercise 1: Leg Curl




Tiered Exercise 2: Leg Press




Tiered Exercise 3: Row




Tiered Exercise 4: Chest Press




Tiered Exercise 5: Triceps Pushdown




Tiered Exercise 6: Bicep Curl




Tiered Exercise 7: Shoulder Flyes





Tiered Exercise 8: Ball Crunches

(Same as Mid Stops ball crunches, but using Tiered method)